Blue Ruby Series

Blue Ruby

Aided by a ghost and a talking cat, Ruby Halliday is searching for black pearls and a blue ruby to mend an heirloom necklace. Along her way, she travels to Tahiti, defeats a sea monster, meets Queen Guinevere, and finds a pink sapphire.

Scarlet Diamond

Ruby meets Scarlett and they journey to Africa to find the Temple of Lost Souls, inhabited by vampires and decorated with diamonds. Scarlett, on a quest for a red diamond, meets Mictecacihuatl, the Aztec Queen of the Underworld.

Orange Moonstone

An explosion in Shadowland destroys the portal made of orange moonstone, meaning that humans can no longer have shadows. Ruby goes to Shadowland to find a new moonstone, which is held in the Land of the Dragons.

Yellow Amethyst

A sacred yellow amethyst is stolen from the grave of an ancient chieftain and in order to retrieve it, Ruby must fight The True Keeper of the Sword. She gathers pieces of armour on her journey through a land populated by dragons.

Green Garnet

Ruby meets Demi Blake, going home to Cornwall for the holidays. While she is there, she learns the origin of the green garnet necklace, meets pirates, and an oil painting of her seventeenth-century friend talks to her. Ruby and Demi race back in time to retrieve a magnetic hammer so they can find the green garnet and lift the curse - on the necklace and on Ruby's friend, the Goat Boy.

Purple Opal

Scarlett's father, Doug, falls ill with a disease which makes him glow in the dark. Ruby and Scarlett, aided by Potch the Pixie, race against time in a quest to find a purple opal - the only cure.

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Time Immemorial:
YA fiction

Jet Pentreath inherits a Cornish cottage which intersects the 12th century and the 21st. She tracks her handsome prince through records of the house and the people who lived there, but magic intervenes in the shape of a porcelain doll.

Faith and Silk:

The lives of a family in Ottery St Mary, Devon, England from 1647 to 1875. The Murches worked with textiles from wool to silk and lace.
We are all Adam's children, but silk makes the difference (Thomas Fuller 1654-1734)

USS Wessex RPGs

(unpublished for copyright reasons, so unavailable to the public - sorry!)


The Borg Queen, Verex of Orion, and Fleet Captain Rosie Blake are brought together when a new super-weapon threatens the galaxy. The mysterious head of the Orion Syndicate joins in - and all make a shocking discovery...

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

The Guardian of Forever, a portal through time first discovered by Kirk, Spock and McCoy, has been broken in the past by Verex, the new Borg Queen, altering the timeline.Now it is up to the three comrades to return the mysterious stones they each carry to the Guardian. Rosie Blake has to find the Stone of Blood, the keystone of the Guardian, and rebuild the Guardian, so that time itself can be rebuilt.



Award-winning short story about a suspect who hides from the law by travelling through time. An unfortunate meeting with Lieutenant Grosvenor and Sergeant Scott, together with Kirk and Spock, traps the criminal...or does it?

The Wessex Predicament

The Wessex Predicament

USS Wessex goes in search of Dr Brad Leeser, who was MIA at the battle of Wolf 359. Is it possible that he survived? Or maybe he was assimilated? Dr Minka Leeser turns to Dave Jamison for help in finding him, but the Borg have teamed up with a new enemy, the Vojak.

The Wessex Predicament

A Dish Best Served

USS Wessex is called to investigate mysterious disappearances of members of the Klingon High Council, which turns out to be a hoax. She is attacked again and again by enemies bent on revenge!

The Wessex Predicament

Expect the Unexpected

USS Wessex is assigned to